Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Texturize class

For those of you that are interested in taking the texturize class here are some photos of what we will be quilting and talking about.  Thank you Michelle for asking for the pictures! :)
This is a shot of the whole quilt. Now for some close ups.
This picture shows movement in water.  I used two different threads both variegated for the water. At the top of the bock the colors are lighter and more aqua than blue.  As I quilted toward the bottom of the block the water cors changed to deep blue and purple.  Can you find exactly where one thread ends and the other thread starts?
Bears. A simple swooshing action is all that's applied here however, it's when to change the direction of the swoosh that adds appeal.
Just a bit of everything. Swooshing on the dear.  Spikes in the grass. Swirls coming off the spay in the water.
Lots of thread changes. Match, match, match.  Yes it's work but ooooh so worth it.
The appliqué will speak to you and tell you what motion to take.  Short and spiky or long and fluid.
This quilt is maybe "over quilted" so knowing when to pair down a bit is a good thing. Simple veins in the pine cones.
More fish.
Trees, cabin, water and grass, change the thread and change the direction.  For the mountains, divide the bumps and hills and climb on up with swooshing and swishing.
Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed the photos.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Feather Fun Today 5-13-14

Hi fellow quilters.  I had so much fun today quilting this cute little sample for my Grid it&Stitch it class.  This looks complicated but I just grid out the space, mark the grid space and find the circles and ovals that fit the space.  Next I Stitch it out!!
Ok so first measure the width if the border and mark the center grid line.  Don't forget off set 1/4 inch for the binding.  As you can see in the picture.  I actually draw a line where the binding will stitch.  I'm a (wide quilter)! I will stitch all the way over to the edge if I don't give myself a guide.
Next measure the length of the border.  Do not include the corner area.  Now divide by 5.  That will give you the measurement for the cross grid line.

Now I stitch the spine and fill with Feathers.  
Come learn how to Grid it and Stitch it with me.
Thanks for visiting.
Happy Quilting Heidi